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On this page I'll include links to all of my other sites.
If you notice any broken links, Please let me know.
Also let me know about your own favorite sites!
If Your Favorite Site is Music Related, I post it here!
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You can also send us links for your band
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More Links To Follow

Lemon Studio Monrovia

The Best Little Recording & Rehearsal Facility
In Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and San Gabriele Valley

Wizzard Audio For All of Your Special Event Needs Since 1966

Wizzard Light Show! Resurrected in 2009! The original 60's Psychedelic Light Show!


Laurence Amplifiers

Laurence Amplifiers has been repairing, designing, fabricating and hot rodding

tube instrument amplifiers since 1965.

Since 1977 Laurence has only done business with a select few.

Now that Laurence has retired, the company is back in full swing.

There are currently two amplifiers on the prototype bench and two more on the drawing board.
Plus a 40 watt harmonica amplifier on the drawing board as well