Hugo "Huey" Roldan

Hit-O-Meter Added 7/23/2017


Huey has been playing electric and upright bass for 25 years as well as rhythm guitar. He has good experience with Rockabilly, blues, metal, southern rock, rhythm and blues, pop and Latin rhythms. Played in the 90s with Rockin Kool Kats as opening act for Beatles tribute band the Backbeat, been playing with different bands thereafter.


Fender precision bass, Washburn mb-5, mb400, 1000 watt. Bass rig 4x10 in speakers.

 “Hugo Huey Roldán, bass player
Electric, acoustic and upright.”
“Huey started playing guitar at age 14 moved by rock n roll music and rhythm n blues from the Beatles, Rolling Stones and British Invasion. At age 18 he joined his first band called the walruses playing rhythm guitar. During times of soft metal of the ‘90s learned the bass playing gigs for different bands. Years after a friend invited him to play in his rockabilly band called the Rockin’ Kool Kats playing Elvis, Stray Cats and Gene Vincent among other artists’ covers, learned to play upright bass and played at the late John Bull Pub in Pasadena as opening act for the Back Beat Beatles tribute band. Since then Huey’s been playing with different bands one of them Memphis Mike’s band where he met drummer Lenny Curiel and both currently play with Route 66 Café. Huey also plays for metal and classic Rock band “45 Overdrive”. Huey has in his arsenal a black Washburn MB-5, a burgundy MB-4, and Union Jack themed MB-4, a sunburst Fender precision bass and a Cremona upright bass. Huey also owns Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul and 2000 watt bass amp head accompanied by two Peavey 4x10 speakers.




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